SYNLawn Play Premium in Escondido , CA

The ultimate in playground surface technology by incorporating the latest technology for superior strength and low surface temperatures for extended play time in any climate.

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Product Description

image of ipema certification sealSYNLawn Play Premium is the ultimate in playground surface technology. Incorporating the latest technology in every aspect of manufacturing combining beautiful multi-colored ‘Omega’ shaped spine blades with HeatBlock™ Technology and a thick tan thatch for superior strength and low surface temperatures for extended play time in any climate.

Product Features

Environment Friendly
Exclusive EnviroLoc™ technology with BioCel™ backing system results in 60%-70% green by weight with greater dimensional stability.
Minimal Infill
Uses only minimal amounts of silica sand for ballast.
Dense polypropylene thatch for resiliency and support combined with the a new soft polyethylene blade incorporating the latest advancement in technology to create an added support spine cross-section.
Manufacturer Recommended for
Playground applications with heavy foot traffic.

Resiliency & Softness

Foot Traffic & Resiliency

Additional Information



Face Weight

80 ounces

Total Weight

104 ounces

Yarn Type

Grass Zone: Polyethylene with HeatBlock™ technology // Thatch Zone: Texturized Polypropylene


Grass Zone: Field Green Lime // Thatch Zone: Turf Tan

Pile Height

Grass Zone: 1.5″ // Thatch Zone: 1.25″ +/-15%

Roll Width

15.0 feet

Drain Rate

> 30 inches per hour


SYNTipede Platinum 351


1 Review on SYNLawn Play Premium

Chauvulinh said : Guest Report Subscribe one year ago

The lawn looks amazing, but be aware that it can melt. I live in the NW and the temperature is fairly mild. The heat reflecting off one of my windows cause the lawn to melt. I was not made aware of this by the distributor/installer.

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