SYNRye 200 in Escondido , CA

Ideal for high foot traffic areas and the most demanding applications including children’s playgrounds and pet training areas in Escondido , CA. Also recommended for rooftops, decks and golf fringe areas.

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Product Description

SYNRye 200 is the ultimate artificial grass for resiliency and performance. Using a combination of turf green grass blades and tan thatch fibers to create a natural look with lasting beauty. 100% nylon turf fibers combined with SYNLawn’s exclusive HeatBlock™ Technology provide durability and lower surface temperatures. Recommended for high foot traffic areas including playgrounds, golf fringe, plus, safe for rooftops too.
ASTM E648 Class A Fire Rated.

Product Features

Fire Rated
ASTM E648 Class A Fire Rated for additional safety
Environment Friendly
Exclusive EnviroLoc™ technology with BioCel™ backing system results in 60%-70% green by weight with greater dimensional stability.
No infill required
No black rubber crumb necessary. Greatly reduces maintenance of artificial turf.
Superior resiliency with 100% nylon fibers.
Recommended for
Highly recommended for child play areas, pet areas and roof applications. Also ideal for Residential and Commercial landscapes, sloped areas, water saturated areas, pool areas and high traffic areas.

Softness & Resiliency

Foot Traffic & Resiliency

Additional Information



Face Weight

56 ounces

Total Weight

84 ounces

Yarn Type

Grass Zone: Nylon with HeatBlock™ technology // Thatch Zone: Texturized Nylon with HeatBlock™ technology


Grass Zone: Turf Green // Thatch Zone: Turf Tan

Pile Height

Grass Zone: 1.75″ // Thatch Zone: 1.5″ +/-15%

Roll Width

15.0 feet

Drain Rate

> 30 inches per hour


SYNRye Premium 250


3 Reviews on SYNRye 200

Barb29 said : Guest Report Subscribe 3 years ago

This the best thing we've ever done for ourselves and our dogs. We're saving on our water bill, and there's no mowing, spraying or weeding needed. The dogs love it, and it's so much cleaner than sod. The installers did a great job, and we now have a perfect lawn with no bare spots - ever! A great investment!

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analulu said : Guest Report Subscribe 3 years ago

This company is truly supportive to their community! We won a FREE backyard makeover and are VERY satisfied. The product is amazing, we have 2 small children and pets that play on the grass almost daily. I HIGHLY recommend SYNlawn, they are very professional and accommodate to your families needs and wants!

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Testy said : Guest Report Subscribe 2 months ago

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